Freyr Color Flashlight

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● Bright & Long Throw: Olight first flashlight featuring not only a normal white light mode but also a green, red, and blue LED for night vision protection, investigation, or signaling

● 3 Auxiliary Color LEDs: Ideal for directing traffic or marking a potential danger with the included traffic wand

● Dual Switches: Up to 15 days runtime and max 1750-lumen output Powered by a Customized 5,000mAh 3.6V 21700 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery

● Useful Traffic Wand: With a silicone traffic wand, the Freyr is suitable for directing traffic, marking a potentially dangerous area, or party decorations

Are you looking for a flashlight that can be widely used in various application scenarios? The Freyr will surprise you with its huge performance and multiple functions.